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About Dog Leads

You hear a familiar yelp and then a whine. There he is at the door looking longingly at his dog lead. A leash, or lead, is every canine's ticket to the wondrous world outside. Dog owners know that a dog needs to walk just as much as he needs food and water. Make it a time of bonding with a retractable dog lead that lets Patches go as far as he wants while keeping him under control. Some retractable dog leads extend just 9 feet, and others reach as far as 27 feet. If you want a well-trained dog who can be trusted off-leash in permitted areas, a dog training lead is the solution. This long nylon lead is used for puppy recall training. A dog who always comes when you call is not just a distant dream. Get a 15-, 20-, 30-, or 50-foot dog training lead, and start laying the foundation of discipline for your furry pal. Whether you walk your dog or your dog walks you, eBay's convenient shipping options and reliable sellers make it a great place to find the perfect dog lead.