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About Dog Bark Collar

Dogs bark–there’s no escaping it, but it can be an undesirable behavior, especially if your neighbors start complaining. The obvious solution is to get a dog bark collar. There are a couple main types of collar available from eBay’s reliable sellers. Depending on how you feel about zapping your dog with a small level of electricity, then a dog bark shock collar can be extremely effective. Every time Buster barks, hit a remote and the dog gets a little jolt. If you’re not keen on giving your pooch shocks, then you can opt for something like a Citronella dog bark collar. Just one of many collars that spray your dog with a harmless liquid, it’s a useful deterrent because the citrus smell isn’t something most dogs and cats like. And, despite being used to curb unwanted or excessive barking; there’s no reason why you can’t use the collar to correct other unwanted behaviors. If your dog is driving you nuts, don’t sink to his or her level and bark angrily back–use an anti bark collar.