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About Dodge Ramcharger

Beginning in the 1970s, the epitome of masculinity was represented in mammoth SUVs. The Dodge Ramcharger was Chrysler's answer to the Bronco and Blazer. The beastly Ramcharger was very popular, especially because of its bold styling and powerful engines. The standard 318 cubic inch V8 put out a respectable 230 horsepower, but its 280 pound-feet of torque were the driving force that helped it rumble through the mud. The power options for this generation ranged all the way up to a big block 7.2 L V8 for the truly power-hungry. On eBay, you can find a large inventory of Dodge Ramcharger parts to keep yours running or repair that gem of a fixer upper. Of course, if you own one of these classics now, you want to equip it with a Dodge Ramcharger lift kit in order to make it even more capable. The Rough Country 320.20 4-inch lift is the perfect solution for this upgrade. The company is well-known for its kits, made for various models of trucks. You can be assured that this lift kit fits your Dodge Ramcharger with little to no hassle.