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About Dodge RAM Tailgate

Nothing can ruin a beautiful truck like a damaged tailgate, it is, after all, the last thing people see as you drive away. A Dodge Ram tailgate can take on some pretty hefty damage when used as a work or farm truck, but it can now be easily replaced with the vast inventory on eBay. Pre-painted replacements are available with the option for custom modifications. Simply remove the old one and bolt in the new version to be driving in style again in no time. To protect the lines of your truck consider purchasing a Dodge Ram tailgate protector. It will prevent unsightly scuff marks from appearing on the top edge of the tailgate after hauling heavy materials such as lumber or metal pieces. It does not take much for a few scuff marks to turn into a rust problem once the metal becomes exposed to the weather. The tailgate protectors come in basic colors such as black or white, and textured versions hold materials that overhang the tailgate to prevent sliding. However, if you are looking for protection and a sportier look, try adding on a Dodge Ram tailgate spoiler.