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About Dodge RAM Hemi

You have a busy life, with plenty of big projects calling your name. With a Dodge Ram Hemi in the garage, no project is too big to handle. The Hemi engine is known throughout the industry for its power and performance. New models provide over 400 horsepower, with cylinder deactivation technology allowing the engine to keep pounding out power as the miles add up. The 6.4-liter V8 engine puts out enough power to carry heavy loads over rough and uneven terrain. Older Hemis receive well-earned praise for power as well. Rams come in many body styles, with a two door regular cab, a four door quad cab, a four door crew cab, and the four door mega cab, with more than enough room for a small family and recreation equipment in the bed. The Ram comes with both automatic and manual transmission options — with newer models offering 8-speed automatic transmissions — with a large inventory on eBay to choose from. Popular models include the Dodge Ram 2500 Hemi, and all sport the characteristic Dodge Ram Hemi emblem: a fierce ram. Perched in the cockpit of the Dodge Ram Hemi, the world is yours.