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About Dodge RAM Fender Flares

Pulling into the driveway, covered with mud and muck, your big Dodge RAM cleans up nicely after a day on muddy roads. Sturdy Dodge RAM fender flares protect the body of your truck from flying gravel and mud as you traverse gravel roads and freeways. The wider tires often found on trucks extend slightly past the existing fenders, making it easy to flip a rock up and nick the paint during normal driving. Whether you are replacing Dodge RAM OEM fender flares or adding an aftermarket product, the protection provided by add-on fender flares keeps your paint intact even under extreme conditions. When searching for new, OEM, used, or aftermarket fender flares for your Dodge RAM, the reliable sellers on eBay provide a wide assortment of prepainted or ready-to-paint styles. You can refine your search by adding the make and model of your vehicle to the convenient search bar, such as "Dodge RAM 2500 fender flares." From sleek pocket styles to the rough and ready pocket rivet bolt styles, you can choose the Dodge RAM fender flares that best express your personality, painting them to match the truck's existing paint or leaving them black to emphasize their rugged, off-road appearance.