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About Dodge PCM

When you are cruising in most Dodge varieties spanning from 1996 to 2006, such as the 1500, 2500, and 3500, it is important to remember that your specific Dodge PCM is controlling most of the electronic control systems in your vehicle. Short for Powertrain Control Module, the PCM computer in these Dodge vehicles actively sends and receives signals with the engine to check airflow and temperature, in addition to many other engine components. Therefore, whenever a problem occurs in your Dodge engine, the PCM alerts you through the check engine light or alert light on your instrument panel that the problem exists. However, after some time, the electronic components on this computer may experience natural wear and tear as well, greatly diminishing its ability to give you constant updates on the state and health of your engine. When the time comes to upgrade or replace your Dodge RAM PCM, Dodge Diesel PCM, or any other PCM computers, you can visit eBay to instantly discover a brand new or refurbished, high-performance PCM for your specific Dodge model and year. You can always be aware of the status of your engine while ensuring that the electronic components of your vehicle are in working order when you have a high-quality Dodge PCM.

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