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About Dodge Magnum SRT8

You drive down the road with nothing on your mind but getting to work, when suddenly you crash your Dodge Magnum SRT8 into another vehicle that pulled out in front of you. Your bumper is ripped off and you need to purchase a new one along with other parts for your car. A new Dodge Magnum SRT8 front bumper is easy to replace and can be hooked onto your vehicle with a couple of clips and snaps. When choosing your bumper, you have the option of a factory OEM bumper or a reconditioned one from another SRT8 vehicle. Each Dodge Magnum SRT8 bumper is made from a combination of fiberglass, resins, and plastic. The front bumper is unique and differentiates your Magnum from others on the road with a custom grille. The bumper comes pre-painted or un-painted for your convenience. Browse through the large inventory of different Dodge Magnum SRT8 parts available for purchase on eBay, and never drive around without a bumper.