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With a purchase this big, it is important you have all the information you need. Watch this video to get some great tips on what to look for when shopping for the Dodge Charger RT.

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About Dodge Charger RT

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When it comes to all-American muscle-cars, the Dodge Charger R/T is one of the first vehicles that comes to mind. Car enthusiasts love this classic two-door sedan, which epitomizes a time period when cars were king. Headlined in countless movies, the vintage Charger R/T is characterized by its long, low, and wide frame, hidden round headlights, and overall menacing look. The sinister appearance and well-known reputation of this vintage car causes it to turn heads wherever it goes. While it is well-known as a classic, this car is now also accessible to everyone, as Dodge has resurrected it with a contemporary look and feel. Now a four-door sedan, the new Charger R/T retains the stunning appearance that the original was known for, while incorporating a more family-friendly interior. The new version still packs a lot of sporty power and offers additional add-ons to make for a comfortable ride. Browse the large selection of both new and old Dodge Charger R/Ts on eBay to find the vehicle that will make you the coolest driver on the road.