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About Dodge 2500 Rims

Your Dodge 2500 may be a work truck and it may make a statement; it definitely rides on Dodge 2500 rims. Choosing the right rims for your truck depends on both the vehicle and what you want to do with it. The safest option is just to pick up a set of factory rims and be done with it. You know they fit, and they will handle any normal job for which you may expect to use your truck. They are standard truck rims and work well as such, but they may not give you the style you want for your ride. Most Dodge Rams ride on 17-inch wheels, offering a great balance of performance and ground clearance. Visit eBay to find the rims you want for your Ram. You can get brand new aftermarket Dodge 2500 rims or look for used ones that more closely resemble those it came with when the truck was new. Pick up a set to keep your pick-up running free.