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About Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver

Exterminate...Exterminate...Exterminate. The unmistakable sound of an impending hoard of Daleks rings in your ears as you reach in your pocket in search of your screwdriver, but unless it is a Doctor Who sonic screwdriver, you are not going to get much help. Tucking your trusty Phillips-head back in your jacket, you hope to hear the TARDIS landing nearby so you can be saved by the Doctor and his sonic weapon of choice. The classic weapon and multipurpose tool used throughout both the original series and the reboot, the sonic screwdriver does everything from opening doors to checking the species of a creature. Fly your Whovian flag high and show your loyalty with a Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor sonic screwdriver used by the David Tennant incarnation of the Doctor. Realistic sound effects and lights let you embody the Doctor and take on epic journeys to save the universe while you wait for the next season to start. Show off your fandom every time you sign your name with a Doctor Who sonic screwdriver pen. The vast inventory on eBay means you can find the perfect Doctor Who sonic screwdriver for your collection. Just remember not to use it on wood.