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About Doctor Costumes

You may not be a doctor, but you play one on Halloween. As you show up to the Halloween party dressed up in your doctor costume, everyone in attendance breathes a sigh of relief, knowing that a doctor is in the house to treat any candy-induced tummy aches that occur. Reliable sellers on eBay offer both adult and kids' doctor costume options in a variety of styles, ranging from creepy to friendly. A bloody surgeon costume, complete with blood-stained scrubs and a surgeon's mask, is the perfect way to create a scary doctor look. Meanwhile, a doctor costume featuring a clean white coat and stethoscope allows you to portray a friendlier physician. Since not all doctors work in hospitals and clinics, there are other options for costumes. A witch doctor costume is a unique spin on the doctor theme, allowing you play the role of a tribal folk-medicine healer who treats patients with herbs and magic rather than medication and surgeries. Slip into your white coat, grab your scalpel, and gather all of the trick-or-treating candy you can manage before it is time to perform your next physical.