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About DMX Cable

A rock band’s performance heavily relies on the band’s talent, but also demands great lighting, and the reliable sellers of eBay can help brighten your set with new, high-quality, durable DMX cables. Multi-layered outer shells assure that your cords can easily handle the tough life of touring with the band. Polyethylene insulation and inner jackets secure the copper wires so you know that your cables can handle whatever you put them through. Short cords of 5 feet or extra long cable of up to 50 foot or longer provide the length you need for any particular setup you may have for your show. Tinned copper conductors on the 5-and 3-pin DMX cable create a tight and powerful connection so the light will keep on shining as strong as possible. Whether your band needs just one new cable or a whole new DMX cable pack, eBay can provide the cords you need to light every inch of the stage.

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