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About Diving Helmets

How amazing is it to see someone rising up from the depths with water streaming from their diving helmet? This classic image is that of the US Navy Mark V diving helmet, first introduced in 1916, and used by the Navy until 1984. Despite the age of the design, it is still in use today. No less than four companies produced the Mark V in its heyday, some of which were Morse, Desco, Shrader, and Miller Dunn. Morse and Desco are still building the Mark V into the 2000s. The Mark V is not the only antique helmet, but it is certainly the most common. Most other vintage designs are not suited for modern use and make better ornaments than dive gear. Whether you want a true original or a modern replica, find it on eBay. Replica helmets are often much lighter, but there is something special about the classic design, with its hose fittings and reinforced portholes. From collectible to shelf display to the ocean, a diving helmet lets you go the distance. Whether you dream from the comforts of your own home or dive right it, take your own voyage to the bottom of the sea.

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