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About Dive Computer

You drift among coral and schools of tropical fish, when the alarm on your dive computer signals it is time to ascend from your underwater environment. You reached the maximum depth for the dive, and it is time to make a safe, controlled return to the surface. No diver can deny that the underwater activity is inherently dangerous, but a dive computer watch is a little gadget that goes a long way toward minimizing the risks involved with diving, such as decompression sickness. Dive computers display basic information like current depth, maximum depth, and no stop time. Some models calculate more advanced information, including ascent rate and ascent time, and some provide a dive profile that you can download onto a desktop or laptop. Computers like the Suunto Zoop calculate decompression schedules for breathing gases like nitrox. Sellers on eBay have a large selection of dive computers to keep you safe as you explore the beauty of the ocean.

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