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Shop the large inventory of vehicle electronics including car audio and video distribution blocks!

About Distribution Blocks

You can have the most powerful, bass-heavy system on the block, but if you cannot run it without frying your car's wiring, you are stuck. A distribution block is designed to keep your car's audio system grounded. You cannot expect to have amplifiers pushing thousands of watts without a bit of calculated risk. Furthermore, having a distribution block ensures that all of your audio system's wiring is concisely organized. The sellers on eBay have many great products, including less flashy versions. If your audio system uses Kicker components, it may be wise to search for a Kicker distribution block. Regardless of specifications, reliable sellers put all of your options in one place. If you would prefer a Rockford Fosgate distribution block to go along with that brand of amplifier, you can locate the exact product you are searching for. There will be no more bouncing from dealer to dealer or perusing the classifieds when you have all the options readily available.