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About Distressed Jeans

Distressed jeans are a popular type of pants worn by men, women, and even children. Many celebrities, rock stars, and musicians wear this type of jeans regularly. Distressed jeans are a mix of colors. The original color is manipulated into a lighter or darker color in certain areas of the pants. The coloring is usually altered down the front and the back of the jeans. This is usually done with ink, bleach, or repetitive rubbing of specific areas on the jeans. Another way to distress them is to add holes and rips to it. The ripped areas show your skin and add more flare to the pants. Find this type of jeans in both men’s and women’s sections. They come in different styles, such as flare, bootleg, straight, and skinny, depending on what type you favor. All of these styles are available from reliable sellers on eBay in a multitude of different sizes. Distressed jeans make your outfit more noticeable and fashionable. Add a pair of distressed jeans to your closet to wear on any occasion.