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About Distortion Pedal

Love at first sight happens often to guitarists who jump at the chance to play a guitar capable of producing exquisite sounds, but the romance doesn't end there. A screamer or fuzz pedal also called a distortion pedal puts control in a musician's foot to create growls, reverbs, wah-wah sounds, and other resonances, as the player strums single notes and chords. eBay's reliable sellers offer a MXR vintage product where users turn one of three knobs to adjust output, distortion, and tone, so that as the foot switch is pressed down, high and low tones are created without altering the song's authenticity. Bass players may purchase the Big Muff pedal to fluctuate sound using volume, tone, and sustain switches to gain tonal versatility and a range of musical voices otherwise unattainable with a single instrument. This is one instance when putting the pedal to the metal won't get you a ticket, as you use your distortion pedal to boost rhythms and solos articulating a signature sound all your own, kicking you into overdrive.

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