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About Disney Star Wars

In addition to being cute, adorable, and funny, Mickey Mouse is also a Jedi. The Disney "Star Wars" series of toys, pins, and collectibles celebrates the excitement and adventure of the iconic movies as only Disney can. Bring home the magic with Disney "Star Wars" figures like Jedi Mickey or Minnie Mouse as Queen Amidala. Give a fan of Disney movies and "Star Wars" a Stitch Yoda or R2D2 with mouse ears to add a Disney spin to their "Star Wars" collection. Find a huge selection of Disney "Star Wars" pins on eBay. Trading pins feature favorite characters from the movies, Disney characters dressed up like "Star Wars" characters, and pins related to the Star Tours ride at the theme park. Lovable Mater from the Cars series even gets a makeover as Mater Darth Vader, complete with a black cape and a red lightsaber. Let the force tickle your funny bone with beloved characters who bring a lighthearted touch to the Disney "Star Wars" collection.