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About Disney Princess Beddings

Whether your daughter prefers Elsa's rendition of "Let It Go" or Ariel's "Part of Your World" solo, she idolizes female cartoon royalty. Surprising her with Disney princess bedding brings her rich fantasy world to sleep with her every night. Some sets feature single princesses, such as Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, while others bring multiple characters together in colorful collages. Before you purchase a bed set for your child, measure the size of her mattress to ensure the bottom sheet fits. For example, if your child has a toddler bed, look specifically for Disney princess toddler bedding, as loose sheets can cause discomfort during the night. The size of the bed also plays a part in selecting the perfect combination of products in a set. Disney princess full bedding sets often come with two pillowcases or shams, for instance, instead of just one. Remember that every child prefers a specific type of bedding. If your daughter often sweats at night, consider a light quilt instead of a comforter. For a cold sleeper, a heavy or microfiber comforter might keep her more comfortable. Either way, the extensive inventory of Disney princess bedding available from sellers on eBay offers a convenient tool for chasing away those nightmares about Maleficent and Ursula.