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About Disney Princess

The first Disney princess introduced to the world was Snow White, back in 1937. Cinderella is often thought to be the first princess but her story wasn't released until the 1950s. These and dozens of other Disney princesses have captured the hearts of little girls for decades. As a small girl, you learn the stories of the Disney princess who falls in love and lives happily ever after and wish you could be her. Well, you may not be able to actually be her, but you can feel like a princess and live your own happily ever after with Disney princess clothing. Of course, a Disney princess dress isn't just for little girls. Big girls can wear a Disney princess wedding dress on that special day, echoing the magic and eternal love of their favorite fairy tale. In addition to princess attire, coordinating Disney princess bedding is available through reputable eBay sellers. Help your dream come true—with just a few accessories and a belief in magic, any girl can be a princess.