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About Disney Marathon Collectibles

You trained hard for months to accomplish your goals and now it is time to celebrate and add a little something extra to your wardrobe with your own Disney Marathon gear. It takes plenty of dedication and determination to reach the finish line of your distance running event, whether it is a half or full marathon. You can find a new and used Disney marathon shirt from reliable sellers on eBay in a range of colors, sizes, and years. For example, you may find a purple women's shirt from the half marathon, the marathon's fifth anniversary T-shirt, or a "my mom ran" for the kids to celebrate your half marathon accomplishment. Whether you lost yours or just want another, you can also find a Disney marathon medal to hang around your neck or tack onto your bulletin board if you prefer. Full and half marathon medals are available along with medal pins. Browse through the extensive selection of Disney Marathon goods to find what you need.