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About Disney Dollars

Disney World may be magical, but it is also expensive, meaning you may spend years saving for your dream vacation and still find yourself shaking your piggy bank when the time to leave finally comes along. Disney dollars are a fantastic way to build excitement and save efficiently for all of the expenses of a visit to the most magical place on Earth. These dollars are usable just like regular cash in most places throughout the Disney theme parks with the extra fun of being emblazoned with a variety of favorite characters. Help your children save for their own souvenirs and special purchases while on vacation by giving them Goofy Disney dollars for birthdays, holidays, special occasions, and as rewards so they can have the sense of pride of making their own purchases without the temptation of spending their savings before the trip. You can also build up your own personal booty of bills designed for the fearsome Pirates of the Caribbean with Pirates Disney dollars so you can enjoy yourself on your trip as well. Disney dollars also make unique and meaningful collectibles to chronicle special events or trips in your life. Browse the large inventory on eBay to find dollars with your favorite characters and rides and start dreaming.

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