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About Disney Coins

Slowly your kids' eyes fill with wonder as they walk through the gates of Disney World and see Cinderella's castle fill the landscape in front of them. Whether you can head to Disney World or not, you can capture a little of the theme park's magic with a Disney coin. Featuring lovable characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, these coins are a must-have for avid Disney fans. Reliable sellers on eBay offer quite the collection available a good deal. A Disney silver coin is an unconventional touch to your current coinage collection. If you are serious about building your usual collection around Disney collectible coins, you can open yourself up to a world of towering castles, commemorative anniversary pieces, and even a coin featuring Rapunzel from Disney's "Tangled." Whether you are the type of Disney fan who yearns for Bambi or aspires to become Belle, there is a Disney coin out there to suit your needs.

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