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About Disney Cast Member

Disney fans are an enthusiastic lot, numbering in the millions from around the world. One of the open secrets at any of the Disney resorts is trading pins with a Disney cast member. To make a trade, look for a cast member who is wearing a lanyard festooned with Disney pins, and identify the pin you are interested in. Simply present another pin in trade, and if the cast member agrees to the trade, you have a deal. Disney recommends a few etiquette pointers when requesting a trade for Disney cast member pins, including leaving the final determination up to the cast member. Pins should be undamaged and in good condition, and the pin backs should be attached for safety. One pin can be traded at a time, passed hand to hand. When offering a pin for trade, make sure the Disney cast member does not have it on the lanyard already. If you are not able to get to a park or resort, look for pins offered by reliable sellers on eBay. Look for untradeable service awards, such as Disney cast member watches, service pins, and name tags for a special reminder of the "Happiest Place on Earth."

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