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About Disney Barbies

Your daughter has always been your little princess, but you knew she would eventually grow up. Luckily, her child-like heart has held on to its love of Disney Barbie dolls. Princesses of every age can enjoy the American classic girls' toy, Barbie, since these dolls are as valued as collector's items as toys. Founded in 1959, Barbie and her fashion style have reflected everything from Oreos to Valentine's Day, but every princess will fall in love with the Disney Barbie doll collection. If mermaids and the ocean tickly your princess's fancy, then the Ariel Barbie doll is for her. Ariel's signature bright hair and bright green eyes adorn all of her Barbie line, but she has many styles to choose from, ranging from the traditional sea green mermaid to the beautiful human bride. Perhaps your princess loves Aladdin's beautiful bride Jasmine? This black-haired, almond-eyed Jasmine Barbie doll can be found in her traditional blue silken outfit or even as a box set with her tiger Rajah or with Aladdin and a musical magic carpet in the Magic Carpet Gift Set Whether your princess loves one of these Disney princesses or Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, or Belle, you can find her just the right Disney Barbie among the wide variety of Barbie dolls and fashion dolls available on eBay.

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