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About Dirt Bike Tires

Whether you have worn your current dirt bike tires down over the busy years of riding the rough terrain, or you have just re-built a bike and need to add the final pieces for completion, you can find a variety of tires in the vast inventory on eBay. Find small 12-inch dirt bike tires, such as the Knobby pit tire, that are ideal for motocross racing. On smaller bikes, these tires can hold up to 400 pounds, and can handle a speed of approximately 75 miles per hour. They are coated with an all-weather compound, so you can ride during any season. The open tread style also cleans out well in muddy conditions. You can also go with a larger option, such as 21-inch dirt bike tires like the Kenda Millville II model. This tire is designed as a soft, intermediate terrain option. It is available in sticky or standard race compounds. It has a dual rotation tread pattern to perform well in a wide array of riding conditions, including loam, loose soil, and mud. Find the right dirt bike tires that best suit your riding adventures.