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About Dirndl

With her long blond braids and her beautiful dirndl, the woman serving mugs of ice-cold beer at this year's Oktoberfest looks spectacular. Fortunately, you got that very same costume on eBay just in time for the festival. The bright white blouse with the lace-edged collar is a stark contrast to the traditional red checked dress and solid red apron. The blouse's puffed sleeves create a feminine silhouette, and the fitted apron draws attention to an hourglass figure while it protects the dirndl itself from spills as you carry those heavy beer steins. A vintage dirndl makes a lovely conversation piece with its elegant embroidered edelweiss flowers and its apron with brocade edging in teal or gold. The vintage version can be worn with white stockings or knee socks and laced patent leather shoes to highlight the traditional look for Oktoberfest, or you can add some high heels for a little more sex appeal. Choose a functional dress with side pockets to stash those extra napkins, or select a child's dirndl as a Halloween costume for your daughter.

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