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Classic Dior sunglasses conjure images of Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O., and other style icons of the past. The famous French fashion house makes everything from timeless retro styles to fashion forward modern designs. Whether you prefer vintage chic or the latest runway looks, eBay has sunglasses to strengthen your savoir faire.

About Dior Sunglasses

Pick up any high fashion magazine from the '60s or '70s, and you'll see Dior sunglasses perched on the noses of the fabulous faces of the past. Christian Dior is an innovative fashion house in many ways. Among its many great ideas was the concept of product licensing, so Dior sunglasses existed long before most designers even thought of placing their names on luxury accessories. The shades were popular with actresses and socialites right from the beginning. The brand's entry into menswear also saw the launch of Dior Homme sunglasses, which were instant favorites among fashionable men across the globe. Today, Dior sunglasses endure as status symbols. You can see them on glossy magazine pages, flickering movie screens, and snazzy style blogs. Although their prestige carries quite a high price tag, you can find these hot shades for less on eBay. Get great deals on a wide range of new, used, and vintage styles, from Dior cat eye sunglasses to wire aviators.