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About DiMarzio

Without pickups, the electric guitar could not exist. In 1972, DiMarzio made music history by introducing the first aftermarket guitar pickups. They made their name with the Super Distortion model, which produced roughly twice the output of a stock pickup. This made it much easier to overdrive the amp and produce the kind of screaming distorted sound that became synonymous with metal. That was only the first in a whole series of innovative products. Other features included the dual-resonance design, which used two coils like a humbucker, but with asymmetrical tuning to open up a whole new world of sound for guitarists to explore. In fact, guitarists like David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, Pete Townshend of The Who, and members of bands like Motorhead, Dragonforce, KISS, and Megadeth have all used DiMarzio pickups. With that kind of pedigree, it is obvious there is something there. Head to eBay whenever your guitar needs a DiMarzio pick-me-up, and get back to rocking.