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About Digital Gauges

Fancy pimping up your car, then you need to check out the cool digital gauges available from eBay's sellers. You don't have to make your car look like the interior of the starship Enterprise, or a NASA shuttle (although you can if you really want to, no one can stop you), but swapping out your old analogue dials and installing a digital gauge can bring more value than simply looking hi-tech. Think about it: if you've ever got a speeding ticket (ouch!), then you'll know that an analogue speedometer isn't all that accurate. So makes sure you always know what speed you're really go by upgrading to a digital speedometer. You could be doing yourself a serious favor. Don't want to stop at just one gauge? Well, if you're thinking of overhauling your entire dashboard and bringing it up to the 21st century, then there's plenty of digital gauge sets to pick and choose from. It's your car—you can make it glow with bright blue neon and funky LED displays if you want to.