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About Digital Dash

The days of analog displays are so 1969 and it is time to install a digital dash. A digital dash, also known as an electric instrument cluster, features a digital speedometer. This allows you to easily gauge your speed without reading between those pesky lines. The first of the digital dashes came out in the 1970s, but the most notable digital boom hit in the 1990s. Thus, many of the models you can find in the large inventory available on eBay are from the 1990s. You can find a variety of brands such as a Camaro digital dash. Many of the dash kits are equipped with digital LCD displays, re-settable trip mileage, service mileage countdown, and built in indicators such as the "maintenance required" light. The analog gauges that are also included are generally backlight, providing an easy visual in dim light. You can also find a Corvette digital dash and even a repair kit for if things go haywire. A digital dash can bring you back to the times of the tech boom, and can make it easy to read your gauges.