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About Digimon

Save the Digiverse by growing and caring for your own special Digimon. This Japanese phenomenon started out with electronic Digivice toys that allow users to care for their own virtual pets. It grew into a massive franchise with card games, cartoon shows, and even full length movies. With the electronic Digivices, kids can hatch, care for, and eventually digivolve their Digimon into ultimate forms, in a manner similar to Pokemon. Of course, Digimon need regular care and attention or they are liable to devolve into earlier forms. To get them back in top form, you need to spend more time caring for them and fighting them with other Digimon. Parents with kids who love the cartoon series can pick up the entire series collection in DVD form, as well as toys and trading cards, through the reliable sellers on eBay. In addition, Digimon plush dolls make excellent choices as comforting bedtime buddies. Choose Gabumon or Agumon to help keep the bed bugs from biting.