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About Digidesigns

Music is a powerful mood setter, whether it's in a movie, in your car, or somewhere else. Avid Audio, formerly known as Digidesign, gives you the ability to harness that power for your own uses. With workstations such as Digidesign 003, you can put a professional-level mixing studio on your home for a fraction of the cost. It interfaces directly with your personal computer. You'll also find Digidesign Pro tools software in three configurations based on your needs. It's even portable, so you can take it wherever you need to go. Often billed as a mixer, Digidesign is really an entire audio studio in a box. You have to treat it as a whole system, not just a single unit. It's the combination of mixer hardware, the interface to your computer, and all the Pro tools that put it over the top. If you're serious about making music of your own, check out the reliable sellers on eBay for Digidesign products.

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