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About Dietz Lanterns

Rustic tent camping is a favorite family pastime each summer, but your loved ones never fail to complain about the lack of light once your campfire is out for the night. With the help of an antique Dietz lantern, lighting is sure to be a complaint of the past. The rugged design of each lantern ensures its ability to hold up to wear, even after all of these years. Many Dietz oil lanterns are made with iron frames and wide bases so they perform safely even on slightly uneven ground. Newer Dietz kerosene lanterns come in a variety of fun vintage colors, such as blue, yellow, and red. Many lanterns feature colored glass panes that surround the flame for added ambiance while hanging out in your tent or around the campfire. A little rust prevention by wiping them clean on a regular basis when they are not packed away is all it takes to keep your Dietz lanterns in great shape for years of reliable use. A vast inventory of options is available on eBay, making it easy to find a different style and color for everyone in the family.