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About Diesel Stacks

While a diesel truck is pretty intimidating all on its own, an extra touch is sometimes needed for a truly unique look. In recent years, diesel stacks have been a legitimate aftermarket option for the brawniest of pickups. While the pipes may look like a difficult order for installation, stacks simply put the end of the tailpipe in a much more prominent spot, and often skip that pesky muffler. Pypes Performance Exhaust is among the industry leaders in terms of quality and customer service. Their kits include all of the pipes and hardware needed to redirect your exhaust, placing them right behind the cab, much like the tractor-trailers you admire. The Pypes STD005 is a great choice for a more modest set of stacks. They measure 5 inches in diameter, but Pypes makes kits that range up to an amazing 16 inches, if you are feeling particularly bold. When ordering, specify the make and model of your truck and so you receive the proper installation hardware for your specific truck. Pypes products, along with many other diesel stacks, are available for purchase on eBay.

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