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About Diesel Exhausts

It used to be that there were two ways to tell a diesel. The first was the clattering sound the valves made, and the second the sulfurous smell of diesel exhaust. The smell has largely gone away with the shift to low-sulfur fuels, but the exhaust is still there. Diesel exhaust runs hot, so a good exhaust system has to cool it down before it hits the air. The right aftermarket exhaust system can work wonders for your vehicle, giving you more power, torque, and even better fuel economy because the engine does not have to work as hard to get rid of spent fuel. A Duramax exhaust features 4-inch pipes that give you a free flow all the way to the exhaust tips. You can find new and gently used options on eBay with just a few clicks of your mouse. When you expect the freedom of the open road, you need an exhaust system that lets your engine breathe. Do not strangle your engine with a restrictive exhaust. You might even hear a sigh of relief.

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