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About Diego Rivera

Art, politics, and the vibrant colors of Mexican art and culture come together in the works of Diego Rivera. A leading light in the twentieth century renaissance of Mexican Art, Diego Rivera is an artist whose work is as recognizable today as half a century ago. His bold and graphic murals graced walls from New York City to Detroit to Mexico City and his canvases remain collectible and well-loved amongst art aficionados thanks to their vivid depictions of the realities of life. Rivera is also well-known as the long-time partner of another famed Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. A Diego Rivera framed work of art such as a replica of his famous 'Man at the Crossroads' mural can serve as the centerpiece of any room, thanks to its stark layout, dynamic colors, and historical resonance. Collectors may also want to keep an eye out for a signed Diego Rivera print or lithograph to bring value to an art collection. Any and all options are available to the art connoisseur in you in the large inventory of Diego Rivera items available on eBay.