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About Did Chain

You were cruising around your neighborhood on your motorcycle one day, when you suddenly felt a rumble followed by a sharp decrease in speed. After a quick glance, you realize that your current motorcycle chain is damaged; perhaps it is time to look into a more reliable DID chain. DID is known for making roller chains for everything from all-terrain vehicles to go karts, but a DID motorcycle chain is what you require. DID separates themselves from the rest of the pack with a patented X-ring construction that is used for all of their motorcycle chains that reduces friction by twisting between the side plates instead of being squashed like normal O-ring chains. This means a DID chain can offer 1.5 to 2 times longer wear resistance as compared to other chains. Knowing this, you begin browsing the wide selection of products available on eBay where you found a DID 520 chain with a distinctive gold plated finish, extremely low friction, and high tensile strength. It is time to get back on the road.