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About Dichroic Glass

The dangling earrings sparkle as the metallic flakes embedded in the fused glass catch the light. The thin layers of colored glass and metal oxides fuse into a solid mass to create dichroic glass. The Romans used color-changing glass in decorative or ceremonial cups, and modern glass artists use the technique to create decorative patterns in glass that change color as the light or angle changes or to add metallic highlights to specific areas. Whether the artist uses the technique to make dichroic glass earrings, glassware, or stained glass, the effect is spectacular. Artists seeking dichroic glass beads or jewelers' scraps for use in custom settings can trust reliable sellers on eBay to provide dichroic glass in a variety of sizes and shapes suitable for use in earrings, pendants, and other jewelry. Dichroic glass enthusiasts seeking custom jewelry can find antique or modern settings that are perfect for that special night out on the town.