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About Diaper Covers

Ever since your friend traded in her skinny jeans for maternity dresses, you knew this day was coming: the day you received the invitation to her baby shower. She plans on cloth diapering and she wants a diaper cover or two (or three). By this point, you most likely know if your friend is having a boy or a girl and if she plans on dressing the baby in gendered colors or if she’s more open. Before setting your heart on a pattern or color, decide on a material. Cloth covers are the most prevalent, but your friend will thank you if you get her some waterproof covers. Wool diaper covers are also popular, because they provide a natural water resistance. If you plan to forgo practicality and provide the new parents with something gorgeous to cover up an unsightly diaper, consider getting them a crochet cover. Find a myriad of diaper cover styles from reliable sellers on eBay. When filling your gift bag, don’t just buy newborn covers: get an assortment of sizes for the baby to grow into. Shopping for a baby shower might be stressful now, but remember, it’s somebody else’s job to actually change the diapers.