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About Diamond Candles

The wax melts, revealing a small foil packet within your candle. You anxiously remove the pouch that comes with all Diamond Candles, revealing a shiny new ring. Within each fragrant soy candle is a ring worth $10, $100, $1,000, or even $5,000. The rings come in all shapes and sizes and make burning candles exciting. Each Diamond soy candle is made by hand to ensure the highest quality. The natural soy wax fills a sturdy glass jar and emits a luxurious fragrance as it burns down. Find all types of scents, ranging from traditional vanilla to fresh cut grass. These treasure candles are made from 100 percent soy and are eco-friendly and all-natural, so you can enjoy the candle as much as the ring inside. Find a large selection of Diamond Candles in a wide array of fragrances on eBay from reliable sellers. No matter which scent you choose, you will anxiously await the wax to melt down so you can see what your new ring looks like.

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