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About Diamond - Jewelry & Watches

Diamonds are not only a woman's best friend, but also a good investment, as their value is not likely to depreciate. These precious stones can be easily liquefied if necessary, as they are in high demand on the global market, whether in loose form or set in diamond jewelry and watches. Diamond engagement rings are a perennial classic, but any type of diamond jewelry and watches are sure to please. The value of the stone is based on its cut, color, carat, and clarity. Whatever type of diamond item you are seeking, you can find it within the large inventory available on eBay. When purchasing loose diamonds, look for stones that come with a certificate from either the Gemological institute of America (GIA), the American Gemological Society (AGS), the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), the Diamond High Council (HRD), the International Gemological Institute (IGI), or the International Confederation of Jewelry, Silverware, Diamonds, Pearls, and Stones (CIBJO). The certificate is an evaluation from a third-party that confirms the cut, color, carat, and clarity to the buyer in order to prevent discrepancies by the sellers.

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