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About Diablo Nemesis

As you whip the launcher out of your Diablo Nemesis, the Beyblade spins with a furious velocity, smashing into its opponent whilst maintaining its balance and guaranteeing victory in the battle. In the hit anime TV show, Nemesis is the god of destruction, but for all its radical, raw edges and wild designs, this Beyblade has one of the heaviest energy rings equipped, at 3.2 grams. The only heavier Beyblades out there are the Kerbecs and Aquario Beyblades, which have their energy rings weighing in at 3.3 grams. This weight gives the Diablo Nemesis a high amount of stamina, so while its attack may not be as strong as other models, the top keeps its balance, ensuring you an eventual victory against rash opponents. The X:D drive allows the top to regain its balance even after the most vicious of collisions, with multiple variation modes to give you more attack options. Searching through the vast inventory on eBay is a great way to find a litany of Takara Tomy toys, including models from the later Metal Fusion and 4D series, as well as the classic models from the original Hasbro localization in 2002. Do not wait to build your Beyblade roster — your opponents are waiting.

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