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About Dewalt Impact Driver

An impact driver is a lifesaver when you run up against a frozen bolt or a stripped screw head, or when you need to drive a wood screw into a deep piece of hardwood. The DeWalt Impact Driver is a top brand of cordless power tool, one that any homeowner or handyman would be overjoyed to find under the Christmas tree. An impact driver delivers a sharp downward as well as rotational impulse (forward or backward) to the screwdriver bit. This seats the bit in the screw slot, making it much less likely to slip (or "cam") out, and delivers a rotational force that far exceeds what you can get from a power drill, let alone a hand screwdriver. The DeWalt Impact Driver can be found on eBay in ½-inch-bit and 3/8-inch-bit models; it is sold in a kit, which includes two batteries and a rugged carrying case. For longer run time and battery life over less expensive brushed motors and NiCad battery packs, top-of-the-line DeWalt drivers come in models with brushless motors and lithium-ion batteries. The first time you remove a bolt you thought was hopelessly frozen, you’ll know the real meaning of power.