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About Dewalt 18V XRP

Any handyman knows your drill is only as good as your battery. This is why, if you use a Dewalt power drill, you should have a Dewalt 18V XRP battery as a backup. You don’t want to be working deep in the zone, and have your drill battery die. If you’re a heavy driller, you’ll most likely have the XRP charger nearby anyway, just to be able to charge the lithium ion battery. The lithium battery in its own right has a long life in between charges. However, you can never be too prepared. The Dewalt 18V XRP provides up to 800 discharge/charge cycles and the average cycle lasts for 36 hours of usage. That’s a lot of drilling you can do. The brand new replacement battery found on eBay offers 54 percent more power than the standard issued battery with most Dewalt power tools. So you can build the tree house for your kids, replace the cabinetry for the wife, and even work on your man-cave all with the same tool. Dewalt provides you with the tools and the battery life. You just have to bring on the projects.