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About Devil Horns

The wind moans through the leaves, the crows watch you from the branches of dead oaks, and Old Scratch is out there somewhere. Devil horns complete any demonic costume for Halloween or a costume party, giving you that malevolent edge you need to stand out from the rest of the pitchfork-wielding crowd. While there are many options available for one's devil horn headband, from realistic ram's horns to cartoonish red spikes, the classic is a pair of curved goat-like prongs affixed to a simple black band. You may also opt for a devil horn hat or to include the horns as part of your costume's hood. With a flowing cloak and a little goatee wax, or a fake goatee if you find yourself at a loss for appropriate facial hair, you can conjure up a truly malefic countenance for a night or two of mischief. It is hard to beat the original mischief-maker when Halloween comes around. You can buy devil horns from reliable sellers on eBay who offer affordable shipping options to all buyers.