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About Detroit Diesel Series 60

The Detroit Diesel Corporation is an American diesel engine maker, and this company makes the Detroit Diesel Series 60. The Series 60 engine is one of several types of engine that the company manufactures. Detroit Diesel is part of the family of companies that includes Chrysler and other American automotive brands. The Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine is for vehicles, such as buses, that are larger than commercial class vehicles. As such, this engine is comparatively large and puts out a lot of power. Whether you own a vehicle that uses a Series 60, or you are a mechanic who frequently services large vehicles that have this engine, you may frequently be in need of parts and other products to keep a Series 60 engine up and running. You can find a large inventory of Detroit Diesel Series 60 products on eBay. There are complete engine assemblies as well as a variety of other parts and accessories, such as a Detroit Diesel Series 60 coolant level sensor or a Detroit Diesel Series 60 injector.

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