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About Derrick Rose

When you think of the Chicago Bulls, in addition to names like Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan, another basketball great jumps out at you. Derrick Rose cemented his legacy with his 2010-2011 season when he became the youngest player to ever win the MVP award at just 22 years of age. Recapture that season’s electricity with a Derrick Rose jersey, like the ones worn by fans at the United Center in Chicago. From the moment he entered the NBA in 2008 and won the Rookie of the Year honors, Rose established himself as of the league's best. His vertical leap, paired his ability to make clutch shots, sets him apart from him competitors. Find a photograph of that very move, captured forever, as he sores through mid-air on a Derrick Rose poster. eBay is your one-stop shop for Derrick Rose memorabilia and sports gear, where you can find reliable sellers with a huge inventory of the products you want as a true fan.

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