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About Derma Rollers

Tight pores, no more under-eye circles, and a lack of stretch marks are things most women can only dream of. Derma Rollers promise to accomplish all this with regular use. They work on the same premise as the beauty treatment, needling. Each roller has dozens of surgical-grade needles. You simply roll the device around your problem areas to wound the skin. The theory is that this wounding stimulates healing and collagen building for that area of the skin. The small holes that occur in the skin after using this instrument might also allow your skincare products to better penetrate and be more beneficial. Generally, you use this roller three times per week, with at least 24 hours between treatments to allow your skin to heal. There are different sizes for different areas of the body, such as a 2 mm roller for your face and neck and a 3 mm roller for your stomach and thighs. Improve your skin and confidence today by checking out the large inventory of Derma Rollers on eBay.

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